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Sure ID is the leading provider of proven high-assurance identity solutions for individuals, companies, federal government and the Department of Defense that combines registration, identity authentication, background screening, credentialing, identity proofing, identity management and enforcement. As one of the few FBI-approved Channelers in the nation, Sure ID is authorized to obtain Identity History Summary Information including live scan fingerprints and relevant data for individuals to be submitted to the FBI. Nearly half of all reported data breaches are caused by third party contractors or vendors.GET STARTEDVIEW PRODUCTS People are exposed to risk more than ever before – in business and in our everyday lives. People are exposed to risk more than ever before – in business and in our everyday lives. Download our white paper and find out how you can protect your organization against unauthorized access by vetting, tracking, and validating vendors and contractors before and after they have been granted access.The "Dependency Checker" is also getting a full upgrade to get rid of the powershell scripts that caused so much trouble. - Book PDF download - Final samples download - Samples updated to Visual Studio 2010 download There are many features in a typical secure application, three of the most common being: This guide will introduce you to “claims-based” identity, a set of ideas and tools that may make it easier for you to build features like these into your apps in a more flexible way.As usual, we will start publishing on this site early drafts of the content (both samples & docs). In this guide, we’ll introduce some concepts that may sound new: claims, federated identity, and much more.

NET 4.0, Windows Azure SDK 1.3 and bugs here and there.

New samples and chapters of the new guide are now available for download here.

This download includes: The "Blue" line is hwat the guide covers today. Of course as we make progress on each we will know more details.

Get your copy of the PIV-I white paper to learn more. A Sure ID Certified™ digital identity opens up a world of possibilities.

To complete registration for Sure ID Certified or to collect fingerprints, individuals need to visit a Sure ID Registration Station.