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I also really enjoy learning about each person and having that translate in their choice of fashion. I first like to raid your closet, and see everything, I make a mental note of everything I see and try to salvage anything and everything that can be used and worked into new things were adding to your wardrobe.Many times I see people over- buying just because they don't know how to change things up. Don't give me a list of things you need, till after I see your entire closet.You would think most guys would just want to know some trick to get women to like them, but the honest truth is that many, in fact most are actually looking for genuine self improvement.So while that is a wonderful thing to hear as a woman, I also don't necessarily know what I can do to truly help them. I know woman stuff, so I can tell them what I think women may like about them, I am not an expert about how to make those changes.There are a lot of sites like his, but I find that he encourages his users to remain respectful to women.

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