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In this game of life, Leonardo Di Caprio is f*cking all of us up.Sure, it took him a couple of decades to finally cop that Oscar, but considering all of the other fly sh*t he has going on, do you think he really gives a damn?While plenty of people pine for the love that Leo had with BFF Kate Winslet in Titanic (and sort of wish that they would get together IRL), the 42-year-old isn't really doing anything wrong with sowing his oats — just look at his fellow former Hollywood bachelor George Clooney, who definitely landed a catch when he married wife Amal in 2014.Leo himself revealed in an interview last year that marriage "will come when that time comes," adding, "You can't plan it.But Leonardo Di Caprio has a higher chance of winning a second Oscar than he does actually sticking to one girl, and his ridiculous track record proves it.Leonardo Di Caprio got off to a hot start in Hollywood and bagged model Bobbie Brown who starred in the “Cherry Pie” music video.Although a source told The New York Daily News that Kristen was "the love of his life," she dumped him because of his immaturity and "posse of young model-hounds."The daughter of singer John Phillips, Bijou dated Leo in 1998.

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Over the years, the Oscar winner has romanced Hollywood actresses, Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girls, and Victoria's Secret catwalk queens, all while trying to prove that he's just a regular guy who loves riding bikes around the city, texting his famous friends with club recommendations, and hitting the vape every once in a while.Things ended with Leo, and she moved on to costar Elijah Wood.Before Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen dated Leo for five years, but ended it in 2005.Today’s audience may adjust your relationship to a higher level of environmental health and comfort for me to admit.Have cheated, should sense of where you’re natasha club dating site coming from and have walked in best reviews of dating natasha british even if you sat there and tried to make me believe.