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If I want to watch "House of Cards" on Netflix, Kevin Spacey cannot say no to me.

Which is notable — and very, very odd — because online dating…is, for millions of people, a simple fact of life — the New Normal.” Turns out, I’ve got a little insight into this, since I actually wrote an online dating script almost a decade ago, and it got *this close* to finding a happy home at one of a number of production companies, before simply disappearing into the ether.

What I didn’t tell Alice is that this is the fourth time I’ve performed this duty this year – an illustration of how widespread dating via the web has now become. This year, seven million of us will sign up to dating websites.

A fifth of those will find love online and some 12 m dates will be arranged.

The NPR story also spoke to TV writer Guy Branum, who I think is closer to the problem when he says any script you write has to get past studio execs to greenlight it.

NPR reporter Glen Weldon said, “Let’s say some future screenwriter…” And that’s when I decided to write this post. …and I guarantee that there have been more like me and, frankly, who are better than me, that have come up with compelling scripts, but they’ve not been made.