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The only challenge remains coming up with a plan for a second date that will maintain the vibe of that initial blissful meeting.Need hints on how to orchestrate the perfect follow-up?And, for extra measure, make sure you tell at least one friend or family member who you are meeting, where you are going and what time you expect to return – just so they know.Cafes make for great first date venues; a cup of coffee allows for a short encounter or a longer meeting, depending on how well you hit it off!Ahead of your first date, preparation will play a big part in keeping your stomach from doing somersaults at the mere mention of your date’s name.If you’ve been talking online, it’s more than likely that you’ll know the basics about your date and like what you’ve seen.

She texted back saying: “I’m going to that concert I told you about tonight with my friends.

“Following up with your date via email to properly thank your date for such a nice evening is always a good move,” Grish advises.

If you’re certain that you both share the opinion that your first date was a success, she says there’s no need to play games when it comes to deciding when to hit the send button: “Avoid playing games like waiting three days to connect. ” When choosing exactly how to phrase your email, keep it simple and direct, yet interject it with a bit of humor, she advises.

If so, Grish says that odds are, your date is as excited about the prospect of seeing you again as you are, and you’ve got the green light to go ahead and plan a second date.

If the seeds of your romance were first planted by communicating online, why mess with a good thing?