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Presenter: Michael said he found a hairdryer in a bathroom and thought he would refresh his look before going to air.

After plugging it in he took out the electricity from the whole building and his crew outside causing chaos'The electricity shut down and I could hear the crew going 'we've got to go live, it's the whole point of being here, there's not electricity' 'So I've calmly gone back out to the live spot and stood outside of the camera and thought, you know those things where if you just ignore it it didn't happen, The international correspondent said he just stood there and calmly asked his crew if they were going to air yet to cover up his guilt.

In addition, to guarantee that they are loved for their true selves and not for their wealth or status, they go undercover as ordinary locals in Atlanta, Georgia during the first season and in Austin, Texas during the second season. Production crews follow participants as they embark on a journey to achieve their fairytale romance while embracing American culture in the United States.

During their pursuit of love, they are forced to leave their servants behind and learn to cook, clean and shop for themselves.

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Michael said that after 24 hours on a plane and no sleep, the crew arrived at a rickety old building in Keiv, and were setting up to do a live cross.'I thought I'm just looking like a wreck, I'd better go an sort myself out.

So I find this bathroom in the back of this building flicked the light on, [which was] very vain, anyway there's a hairdryer.' 'I just thought I'll just give myself a quick do, plug the hairdryer in and the whole building went out.

Hotel villa premier ukraina dating party