Effects of dating children of divorce

The Effects of Divorce on America This article is adapted from a June 5, 2000 article published by the Heritage Patrick F.

Fagan and Robert Rector American society may have erased the stigma that once accompanied divorce, but it can no longer ignore its massive effects.

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Prof Mel Bartley, who was among the academics involved in the research, said: “Family living arrangements are related to children’s physical health.

“Children whose parents remain married throughout the early childhood years are less likely to suffer from breathing problems such as asthma, to become overweight, or to be injured in accidents by the time they are five years old than children who have experienced a more unstable family situation.” The research was based on the British Cohort Studies, which cover people born in 1946, 1958, 1970, and 2000.

The picture was the same across different generations, suggesting that although divorce and separation have become more common than they once were, the impact they have on mental health has not decreased.

These were said to include a stable family life, stress-free childhood, alcohol-free culture for young people, secure and rewarding employment, positive relationships with friends and neighbours and a socially active old age.