Dating wrangler labels

Having been officially named and founded in 1943, the brand has a huge history behind it and a following that many adore and love today. C Hudson who had grown up on Spring Hill Farm in Williamson County, Tennessee, decided to leave his home and seek out fortune in the emerging textile town of Greensboro, North Carolina.

I thought it would be appropriate to do a history of Wrangler in my denim brand history series! He found work in an overall factory, sewing on buttons for around 25 cents a day.

The production still took place in their headquarters in Greensboro too.

Wrangler is one of the most important denim brand and which has left its profound impact on the world denim industry. Hudson leaves Spring Hill Farm in Williamson county, Tennessee, and makes his way to North Carolina, seeking his fortune in the emerging textile industry.

The signature “W” letter embroidered on the back pockets has become to one of the most recognizable symbols in the world of denim.

This continued for many years and by 1919, the sales of the Hudson overalls were booming and the company had to move to larger headquarters, which was then they decided to change the name to the Blue Bell Overall Company.It was here that he worked for many years until 1904 when the workplace closed.Hudson, his brother Homer, and a few others from the factory decided to buy several of the sewing machines.denim), the 11MWZ remains the classic in terms of the denim came thanks to another textile innovation – broken twill denim.Such texture provided balanced structure of the fabric, which was no longer intertwined around the cowboy’s legs.