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” gritty kind of play came about from the “Bad Boy Pistons” and Pat Riley bringing that style of play to New York ().

And if we look at the Knicks from 1992, when Pat Riley started, through 2001, the Knicks had top five defenses all of those years. When Isiah Thomas came to town and brought lots of high-profile scorers and started racking up losses is when the fans stopped watching.

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The advantage we had is that we could compare this to the type of person they actually asked out on a date. In 2004 most casual fans would have said they preferred Allen Iverson over Ben Wallace* But many more fans showed up on a nightly basis to watch the Pistons on their route to a finals. A very interesting recent post by Henry Abbott brings up that the “no layups!In terms of the health concerns, I have no disagreements.Increasing the odds of injuries and concussions is just bad for everyone.Saleem added, “We make it a point to get to know and like each other’s partners.In fact, in the film, the siblings are connected through their unconditional love for each other.