Webcamsex hacken

All of these companies have been hit by high-profile cyberattacks in the past 20 months, rattling the confidence of their customers and employees, and forcing them to spend more to improve their defences.Legal or not, some say hacking back is necessary given the threat.They want him on a range of charges that stretch from extortion, to stalking, to possession of child abuse images.The 38-year-old Dutchman persuaded and pressured dozens of girls to perform sexual acts on their webcams and then blackmailed them by threatening to send the footage to their friends and family. Some quietly resort to such tactics, while others want to but are afraid of running foul of the law.

Aydin Coban is alleged to have persuaded 15-year-old Canadian Amanda Todd to send compromising pictures of herself to him via webcam, and then demanded more from her or he would share her snaps with the world.

A cybersecurity expert based in the remote Black Hills of South Dakota, Strand specializes in a new approach to protecting companies from hackers, known as “active defence” – an aggressive alternative to simply relying on traditional passwords and firewalls. Businesses such as Strand’s use tactics to lure hackers into traps, or to trace their steps to discover the origin of an attack.

But for John Strand, these attacks have been great for business. I feel like I should send the Chinese a Christmas card saying thank you for a wonderful year,” he said.

The teen's half-naked photos were later spread across the web.

Consequently, Todd was bullied and intimidated to such a degree that in October 2012 she killed herself, and in doing so shone a spotlight on the horrifying abuse of the internet and webcams to extort young and impressionable girls.