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top Guelph: top Belleville: Belleville General Hospital operates a 24/7 crisis line: 310-OPEN and their website is Anyone who is in crisis and needs support can contact 310-OPEN for help. top Brockville: Lanark, Leeds & Greenville Distress Centre- 1 800 465-4442 (phone) Brockville General Hospital: top Kingston: Frontenac Community Mental Health Services Crisis Line - 613-544-4229 372 King St. If you are experiencing a Crisis, and would like to speak to someone, please contact our 24 hour Crisis Response Line at 519-433-2023 (TTY). The Crisis Response Line, 519-433-2023(TTY) or 1-866-933-2023 Crisis Mobile Team, Available 24 hours/7 days a week.Let’s celebrate the Jour des Franco-ontariens et Franco-ontariennes and the Franco-Ontarian flag.

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Did you know that the Ontario French-language educational system played a major role in disseminating the flag and raising awareness of the different communities? On September 25th, all Francophones across the province celebrated Franco-Ontarian Day and paid homage to the Franco-Ontarian Flag. The Franco-Ontarian Day Act was adopted unanimously by the Legislative Assembly.

These are a few photos of activities that took place in our schools, our colleges and universities and communities. This official day recognizes the contribution of Francophones to the cultural, historical, social, economic and political life of the province.