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They keep a paper trail for each one's original offense, which makes it easy to spot someone who may be eligible for removal from the state database.

"If we know somebody is eligible to be helped out by a law, well, it's also our duty to notify them so they can take advantage of it," said Detective Scott Summers.

So far about 250 people — all but six of them men — have successfully petitioned a judge to remove their name, mug shot, address and other personal information from an online state sex offender and predator database, according to the Florida Senate.

Nearly a quarter of the people removed from the database committed their crimes in Pinellas and Pasco counties, the study found, the highest concentration in the state. "I can't tell you why that number is like that," said Beverly Andringa, the Pinellas-Pasco prosecutor who reviews the requests.

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Dear Reader, We've received more questions about statutory rape concerning age-gap distinctions, so I'll try to answer what I didn't cover in the previous article on statutory rape. Dear Panel, If a minor has sex with a minor – for example: a 17 year guy having sex with a 17 year old girl – is that statutory rape since they are both of "legal" age to have sex?

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Though these injuries were in reality self-inflicted when the teenager had pried the baby out of her with a pair of scissors, she falsely confessed to her mother that she had indeed had a miscarriage at home and flushed the fetus down the toilet by mistake.

Polk County Sheriff's Office deputies, along with members of the Department of Children and Families responded to a call from the hospital reporting the case and details were retained by the PCSO Bureau of Criminal Investigations for follow up investigations.